I can’t feel myself
A bird flies into the window
The body is a stone
Don’t wanna get up
The cold fingers
Write no more
I’m tired and hungry
I can’t do anything
Headache, autumn storm, October rain, moving mess and emptiness
I am powerless

My soul, wake up
Get up from the grave of your bed
Raise your voice and praise the Lord
Look at God’s lamb
The light which shines in darkness

Wake me up
Teach me to live for you
Free me
From my excessive thinking
Free me from myself

Holy Spirit, teach me to listen
To the word of truth
Teach me to carry my cross
Wash my heart
In the living water

Lord, thank you for giving me a shelter
Under your wings
In storm and rain
Thank you for life
Thank you for the sun which is shining on the grass
Thank you for the sparrow
Which is sitting at the branch
Thank you for the bread and the word
Thank you that the emptiness doesn’t last forever
Thank you for carrying my burdens