I would love to hear from you if you have personal story about struggles where your personal faith in Jesus has helped you. I recommend you read some of my blog posts, maybe subscribe, and if you find you can resonate with my writing, feel free to contact me.

Guidelines for a great guest post

  • Read my “About
  • Read my blog, so you don’t repeat my posts
  • Follow the post with a photo of yourself, a few lines about yourself and links to your books, blog and social media
  • Correct your grammar and spelling
  • Word count: 300-1000 words
  • If it’s a long post, insert under headers
  • Don’t write a wall of text, but divide your post into smaller sections
  • Write in your own voice
  • Write a post that resonates with the content and message of my blog

I have the right to edit your post and the header. I’ll contact you if I have any corrections.

I have the right to say yes and no to your guest post, like you have the right to say yes and no to read my blog. I look forward to hear from you.

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