Dear reader

You are good enough. You have value because you are. You are beautiful. Be yourself. Allow yourself to be sensitive, to be angry, sad or afraid.

Allow yourself to dream and do what you’re passionate about. Take time to practice. Rome was not built in one day. Give thanks to God and pray for what you need. Confess your sins to Jesus and receive his forgiveness. Attend a church where Jesus is preached. Hold on to your hope, faith and love.

Don’t care about what other people think about you. Don’t fear men, but God.
Don’t desire to be a world champion, but do the things you love to do.
Spend time in prayer. Read the Bible. Pray with other Christ followers.

Don’t sit behind a screen all day. Read a book, write a poem, play the piano, go for a walk, play chess, bake a chocolate cake. Call your mom. Be with your friends.
Read plenty of books.
Write down your thoughts and emotions.
Eat healthy.
Get enough sleep.
Exercise in the way you like to exercise. Go outside and say hello to a bird.