Portrait photo of Mariane Doktor

I bid you heartily welcome to my blog which is about me, a Dane, and my passion for life, faith, and writing.

Pictures and letters

My story begins with images of crocodiles, princesses, zebras and trolls, many colours on square plates. I grabbed the plates, which opened and flipped up more pictures and small strange signs. I grabbed as many books as my tiny arms allowed me. My mother tried to stop me. We could not borrow every library book.

Every time I opened a book, I met a new world. My mother’s calm voice was reading Little House On The Prairie, The Ugly Duckling and Oliver Twist to me.

My older sister wrote a diary. When I learned to write, I started writing a diary too. I started creating worlds with my own words.

The Bible and an anagram

I got older, I was playing, I went to school, I became an adult.

I was different. I was trying to understand life. No matter how much I mused, I could not solve the riddle of life.

There was a book I had not read. The Bible was an old dusty case, but I opened it and met a new world. I met the Word. I met Jesus. He told me that I was loved.

I wanted to share the message of Jesus, I would be a priest. I began to study theology, but I did not thrive on everything being questioned. It was as if the lecturers deliberately wanted to make an anagram of Jesus, but did not desire to solve it. It was also because I was not a speaker. I am not a prophet, but I can imagine how Moses felt when he did not think he could keep talking for large gatherings. I dropped out of the study of theology.

Diaconia and Sudoku

God called me to share the gospel, but how could I do it? I looked at my mother. She was an educator and took the care of the disabled. I heard something about preaching with deeds. Called by God to be in a professional business serving other people. This profession was called diaconia. It came from the Greek Diakonia, which meant service. It was also called organized charity. I wanted out of my Christian values ​​and professionalism as an educator to serve other people. Here I should not preach, but do educational and charitable acts. I became a kindergarten teacher and a deacon.

I searched and searched but I could not solve the sudoku of the job market. I’m still looking for a job. I hope it will soon be my turn to draw the winning ticket.

A notebook, a writer

While I was looking for a job, my passion for writing grew. I read Jeff Goins’ article You’re a writer and I nodded. Yes, I’m a writer!

Every day, I wrote in a notebook. I began to love to write and to get closer to Jesus. Again Jesus said to me that I am loved. I must love other people and tell them that they are loved.

Thus, I will serve you through my words. I want to share God’s love with you, and I invite you to join my journey – in words, creativity and faith.

Creature wandering in wonder,


in the Light of the Creator

of the Word and words

Mariane Kvist Doktor


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