Mariane Doktor, servant and writer

A journey in creativity and faith

Month: October 2017

I have sown thistles

I have sown thistles for too long
What is my new me?
I’ve stood in the rain
The water dries up
In the valley of tears
Flood of sand
Who can enclose the darkness?
I long for the one who died for me and now lives

In the shadow of your wings

The sun is shining
on the folded hands
I’m only dust

The curtain of the sky
Torn apart
The head is filled
With your word
The day sleeps no longer
Waiting for the lamb
On my knees
I’m lying
In the shadow
Of your wings

Only you, Lord can quench
The thirst
In my soul
Eternal you
You, the only God
You are my life and my light
You are who you are

Get up

I can’t feel myself
A bird flies into the window
The body is a stone
Don’t wanna get up
The cold fingers
Write no more
I’m tired and hungry
I can’t do anything
Headache, autumn storm, October rain, moving mess and emptiness
I am powerless

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