References for my writing

I grew up as a Danish Evangelical Lutheran Protestant, which mainly has colored my faith.  I believe in the Apostles’ creed and the Nicene Creed.

I base my writing on the Bible, and I encourage you to read the Bible too!

I’m inspired of the teaching of the Danish Christian philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard.


Christian writers’ sites I recommend A blog and platform for Christian writers and poets, with an opportunity to have your Christian writing highlighted and shared. Brenda McGraw’s, Author of “Joy Beyond”, ministries where she and others write encouraging and uplifting Christian blogposts. Brenda McGraw has written the guest post “I didn’t want to be a Jesus Freak, why would I?” And I have had the honor to write on her site: Three Remarkable Resemblances Between Prayer and Brushing Your Teeth and  Jesus is the gift! Billy Charles Root writes fantastic Christian poetry. He is the author of “Pressing On”. You can read my interview with him here.


Sites on writing I recommend

I write mainly about my faith in Christ, but since some of you, dear readers, are writers, I will recommend some sites on writing. Jeff Goins is a blogger and writer, who helps writers. He shares a lot of great tips, and he encouraged me to call myself a writer and write on the topics that matter most to me. He is the author of “You are a writer” and is also the man behind the Tribe Writers’ course and Tribe Writers’ community and the 500word-facebookgroup. He has written many helpful posts, but if you are a writer, I encourage you to not just read about writing, really! Write…just write!

If you are into poetry,Raja’s Insight makes a huge effort to help and inspire poets all over the world (writing in English) to connect with other writers and poets and develop and improve as a writer and get published. and and the Facebook page Creative Talents Unleashed