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Get up

I can’t feel myself
A bird flies into the window
The body is a stone
Don’t wanna get up
The cold fingers
Write no more
I’m tired and hungry
I can’t do anything
Headache, autumn storm, October rain, moving mess and emptiness
I am powerless

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Kyrie Eleison

I just remembered a song I wrote in Danish  a year ago even though I’m not a song writer. I’ve translated the song. Let’s praise the Lord!


We praise you (Kyrie Eleison)

I praise you
I honor you
Wake up my country
Heal our hearts
You are the only way
You are the only way

You’ve done everything for us
In sweat, tear, pain and blood
You gave your life for us
Have mercy with us
Forgive us
Our darkness
Forgive us
We did not see you
Forgive us
We only sought ourselves

Jesus, we need you
We thirst for you
Holy ghost,
Water our wasteland
May your word bear fruits in us
May we turn around
May we look at you
Let our lives
Worship you
May our trust
Be a child’s
May we always worship you
May we always praise you

Let us seek your face
Let us call upon your name
Let us worship
Let us honor your name

May we always seek you
May we always praise you
You are the only way
You are the only way



Because of His blood

Behold the Lamb of God
Praise Him and give Him glory
You were far away, but He found you
and showed you His wounds
Because of His blood
you are released from the chains of your sins
and the chains of the law
Because of His blood
you are alive
Because of His blood
you are a new man
Because of His blood
His grace is sufficient for you
Because of His blood
the curtain of the temple was torn in two
and you can come boldly to the Father
Because of His blood
you are no longer a stranger or a foreigner
You are brought near to Him
Because of His blood
He lives inside you
Because of His blood
you are a fellow citizen with the saints
Because of His blood
you can rest in the green pastures
Because of His blood
you shall fear no evil
Because of His blood
your cup runs over with the oil of His goodness and mercy
Because of His blood
You will dwell in the house of the Father forever
Jesus is the cornerstone

You have peace
because of His blood


The Light of the world

God said, ”Let there be light.”
And there was light
and life
But life sinned
and moved to the land of the shadow of death

One day
this life who walked in darkness
saw a great light
The light was God’s word
who was born a child in a barn
He was God’s face
who shone graciously upon all people
With his hands, ears, eyes and heart
The light fed, healed and awakened
those who walked in darkness

This pure light
was convicted, tortured and killed
for the sin of the world
The light was turned off
The day was dark
The sun was dark
The light was an out burned candle
and laid in a tomb

At sunrise the beloved women came to the tomb
It was empty
The women were frightened

Then one of them sensed a hand on her shoulder
and heard a voice
She turned around
“It is I”, the voice said
and God’s face shone upon the women

You who walk in darkness
You will see a great light
Believe in Him
and his face will shine upon you
inside you
through you
in the midst of us
because darkness is not the final word

God says “let there be light”

motif: wire post looking like  a cross set against a rising sun

Good news


3 injured in shooting at Florida State, Ebola Liberia, Japanese woman poisons her husband, war against Islamic State, obesity costs Britain $73 billions, suspect in subway, seven people are killed at a hospital in China

The good news is

An alien from space
comes down on earth
he is the baby
born in a stable
he is the servant
who loves killers, cheaters, and liars
he is the white lamb
which is slaughtered
he is the blood
which cleans the infected lawbreakers
who say “I believe”
he is the bread
which gives souls eternal nourishment
he is the water
which resuscitates the dry hearts
he is the air
which lives inside the holy breed
he is the light
that never goes out

Mary and Jesus