Cold concrete

A smell of dust

And urine

Drops falling down from the ceiling

No. Drops from my eyes

Landing on my lips

The bars throw shadows of darkness

On my body


Words from whispers and letters

turned backs and fleeing eyes

Words inside my head

Shouting over each other

The words are parasites

eating brain cells

The words are strong as men





Words dehumanize me


Says the tag

Written on my soul


I lay against the wall

The wall stands firm and quiet

A witness to the soul eating words

An antique wall

Which I lean my tears against

Lashes, gobs and question marks

Are written on the wall

The wall is firm and quiet

While the words move down towards my heart

And my organs and veins

Lie rotting

My skin folds and shrinks

A tight noose around my neck

Gasping for breath

Fading within myself

A loud noise makes my skin jump

A bouquet of light enters

As the door opens

“You can come out now”

I rub my eyes

I arise and stand

Firm and quiet

“you can come out now”

The voice repeats


I walk towards

The door that looks like a cross

My organs have returned

The noose around my neck has gone

Only pain and bruises

From the invisible rope

I dip my toes into the hallway

They are washed clean by the sun

My arms are wings

Reaching for the Light


I am free