November is plodding
The trees expose their fragile branches
A drop rolls down
the cheek of a leaf
The last flowers wither
the storm rages
Raindrops are pouring down

We miss the summer
and our loved ones, who have left us
The TV shouts
the breaking news

The Eiffel Tower goes dark
the city of love is crying
Freedom, brotherhood and equality
is under attack
children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers
are killed
by the Prince of darkness

The murderers miss a father and a mother
they are oppressed by cruelty
Their hearts are blind
they know not what they do

Every day, everywhere,
people get killed
by words, bombs, fists and hate
men fall
are seduced
by dark voices

Hearts become stones
Hearts freeze
they are like clogged sewer lines
as it happened to Adam and Cain

one day
2000 years ago
the true light
came to the world

He chose to serve mankind
he paid everyone’s debt
when he, himself innocent,
sacrificed his life on the cross
so he could set us free,
become our (sewer)master
and cleanse our hearts

Because of the precious blood of Christ
has neither sin, death
or the Prince of darkness
the last word

“It is finished”
it sounded on the cross
a call to hope, love
and faith

God has showed us the most excellent way
better than our underground tunnels
Let’s walk with Him in the light
and in the Spirit

Nature dies
Men die
we shed a tear of sorrow
and of joy
one day spring will return
to our gardens
to our hearts

While we’re waiting
for new flowers
let’s light a candle
Let’s fold our hands
and ask God to help us
with our sewers


Eiffel Tower


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