I’ve found a winner of the contest: “What is Pillow Poetry?” I’m excited to announce the winner: Elaine Weger. Here is her answer:

Well, Mariane, without doing a search for such a category, I would think of pillow poetry as something soft and comforting to the soul. It would be easy to hear and remember for contemplation.

Elaine has won an opportunity to guest post on my blog next week. Give a big applause to Elaine Weger!

About the pillow poetry. I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not an original. If you have googled Pillow Poetry, I’m sorry to tell you that my pillow poetry are not real pillows (I do not sew), it’s not poems about pillows, and it’s not Japanese poetry, although I have experimented with haiku.

Elaine was right. For me writing poetry is a pillow. You can rest your head and back on a pillow. You can lie your head on a pillow and do reflections. You can make a pillow fight. You may not know that you can also pound your fist in a pillow, and you can jump on it and kick it. It might loose feathers or get a hole, but it does not complain or hit back. You can hit your head in a wall or kick a curb, but it will hit back while pillow fights cause no pain.

The story about pillows and poems will be continued…