When the frost hit my village and the sky darkened, the homework yelled, Facebook laughed, the laundry fought against music and flickering TV, when the e-mails were a mess between screaming “mommyyyy”s, I was exhausted. When my hunger was angry, my thoughts were happy and tired, my feelings were annoyed with my fatigue and sadness, I became tired. Pictures of threats, criticism, war victims, drug addicts, doomsday prophecies, starving babies and sick fanatics made me tired.

The fact that I couldn’t comfort, encourage, heal or give faith, joy, hope, peace and love to the people, who were grieving, starving, poor, confused, lost, stressed and depressed, made me tired. My eyes were tired and shed a tear of powerlessness which said: “Am I too tired to live?”

Photo credits Volkan Olmez

Come”, the silence said.

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