We celebrate the New Year with a bang
music, crackers and sparklers
Chocolate, candy and Coca Cola
Satisfied vanity
Happy New Year Facebook and Mr. Bean
Danglers, count downs and champagne

We celebrate the New Year with a bang
blue, red, white, sparkling booms and bangs
Hundreds of Dollars are consumed by the sky

A Buddhist, a Rabbi and an imam
preach at the service at New Year’s Eve
Empty words
Let’s sing about the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the Red-nosed Reindeer


Welcome here, New Year of grace[1]
Welcome Lord, to our blank calendar year
Come and heal our wounds
Welcome Peace, Hope and Joy
Welcome Word of Truth
Welcome Light and grace
Welcome Lamb, the bread of life
Write your name on our foreheads
Only Your blood and Spirit can quench our thirsts
Only You, Jesus Christ, can fill our void


Photo credits: Liane Metzler

Photo credits: Liane Metzler




[1] Reference to the Danish Psalm, “Vær Velkommen, Herrens År”, by Grundtvig