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What I’ve been up to lately

Today I invite you to celebrate with me – and I have a gift for you. Hang on, I’ll tell you more later.

Last year I began to listen to my calling.  I had to write and at the same time I began to hear a voice calling. It belonged to someone I hadn’t talked to for years, and I answered: “I’m here! Where are you?” Christ found me, and He called me to follow Him and write about my walk with Him. I had to overcome many fears. I never imagined that I would create a blog with a focus on Christ. I had not imagined writing in English either. I dared not believe that some day I would write a book.
This autumn God gave me the courage to also write about Christ on my Danish blog. At the same time I received an invitation to submit a full poetry manuscript in English to a competition. I didn’t win the competition, but I didn’t lose either. For weeks I compiled, translated, edited and finished the poetry collection which became an ebook. I prayed to God for showing me what to do with the ebook. His answer sounded like “you’ve received it for free, give it away for free.” This answer meant many things.

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Out of breath

We draw close to each other
In the light of the street air
which squeezes trough the shades
A drop of air creaks back and forth between the windpipe and the lungs
My hand softly on your burning skin
You groan, pant
want to draw your breath
I sit beside you
You have an adult look
The tiny rasping breast
I hold you in my arms
My soul cries out for help
We hold on to a border of a garment
A second
Air in a small mouth
We cling to the Word of life



Fearing fear (Episode 1)

This is a guest poem by Billy Charles Root


In order that I deal with my fears

I must put away my tough guy veneer
I will write them all down right here
before my God and peers

“The only thing we have to fear
is fear itself”

-FDR, 1932


I fear, fearing fearFear
I fear fearing that which has no reason to be feared and not fearing that which does.

I fear what others think of me
How I look, what I wear, what I say and think, what, how and why I write.

I fear liking or even loving things that are a waste of said like and love
The babbling of crude jokes and cigarettes to smoke, fornicate TV
and I instead of we

I fear addiction to the mind control of men, having their minds controlled by men, having their minds controlled by the evil one

I fear never getting it right and failing with every sight day and night while pretending I’m alright

I fear sleeping,
Eye’s closed missing out , life passing by, not seeing the tomorrow come and the old become new

I fear dying,  dying before I’ve done what I’ve been created to do, falling short,  falling down and ending incomplete

I fear missing the point altogether and caring for perishable perishables

I fear forgetting,  forgetting why and what for and where next, what time and how much may be left , names and faces and love

I fear anger, am I capable of going too far if someone hurts me or hurts me by hurting them

Above all I fear most arriving at the throne with no crown to lay down and hearing      “I never knew you, depart from me you vile and wicked servant”


© Billy Charles Root

Interview with Christian Poet Billy Charles Root. Come to love Christ for who he is

motif: wire post looking like a cross set against a rising sun

“Build me a bridge/and make it strong/make it stretch from here to heaven/and then paint it with a song […] I will lay myself upon the bridge/and carry the weight of hell/and when it’s over/I will come back.” © Billy Charles Root

I’ve decided to stop writing many times, but my pen will not let go of my hand – or my heart. I love to compose different symphonies of words and letters. Sometimes a creature pops out of my document, and I have to remind myself that words are not alive. It’s not the words that matter, but the life we breathe between the lines. I often ask myself

Why do I write?

Tim Grahl, the president of out:think, a firm that helps writers, says every writer must have a “why”. In his article I hate self-promotion Tim Grahl says a writer must know why he writes. It’s not about the writer, but his writing, the message he wants to share.

I agree with him. My writing is not about me. My WHY is not about becoming famous or rich, neither about my passion for writing. I write because I want to share God’s love with the world. However, I fear myself “For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I” (Romans 7, 15). I abominate my ambitions, pride, and desires for compliments. I fear losing my direction. If I forget my “why”, I must quit writing.

How can I be a Christian writer in 2014? How can I keep my focus?

With those questions in my mind, I called a Christian author on Skype. This September Billy Charles Root won a writing contest at CTU Publishing Group, and published his first book, Pressing On, a collection of Christian poetry, a collection of Billy’s heart of hearts, which he call his poetry. A poet from Oklahoma’s afternoon and a fellow poet from Denmark’s evening met to talk about faith and Christianity, and what it’s like being a Christian writer. Continue reading