I found out Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving right now, Happy Thanksgiving to Canada. In a short while, other countries will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Soon there will only be two months until Christmas. However, there is always a time for thankfulness.
Tak, danke, merci, gracias and thanks. It is a small word, which often seems insufficient, but it comes from a wealth of thoughts and feelings. The word covers a thankfulness, an appreciation, a joy, and an acceptance. I wish I was more generous. I wish I was more thankful, also in hard times.

I try to teach my children to say thank you when they receive a present. Nevertheless, even if they do not say thank you with their voice, their smile and joy show gratitude. My children are always happy when they get a present. I hope they will become grown-ups saying thank you, and that presents will still make them happy. Hopefully, they will never deny a present.

1. The best gifts are free. They may come unexpected, and the giver might not think about repay or getting anything back. A thank you and a smile can be enough for the giver. The best gifts are the things you wished for a long time, or things you did not know you wished or needed. The best gifts are the thoughts behind the gifts.

2. The best gifts are a smile, a hug, a person listening to me, showing interest, encouragement, comfort, or helping. The best gifts are letters and personal e-mails.

3. The best gifts are people accepting my gifts and help.

4. The best gift is you, my reader. To a writer or an artist it means the world to be seen or heard. When my words are read, I know there’s not a risk they will drown in my brain and heart or vanish in the universe. Someone has read my words. She or he has seen my message.

5. The best gifts are sunshine, mountains, waterfalls, birdsong, butterflies, flowers, autumn leaves, crickets, ladybirds, art, music and literature.

6. The best gifts are food on the table, a warm bed and a roof, a good health, and my family and friends.

7. The best gifts are my legs, arms, hands, eyes, ears, mouth, head, lungs, heart, blood, and pulse.


8. The best gift is the love from God, my creator, savior and father. He endures my doubts, envy, jealousy, desires, confusion, fears, worries, and unfaithfulness. He endures my darkness. When I ran away and chose other paths, he waited for me and bid me a warm welcome when I returned to his arms. His grace is free. He died for me. Lord, I pray I will never leave you.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

Did I miss your language’s word for “thank you”? Let me know. Are you a generous and thankful person? Share in the comments.